• BLUE BOX Exibition (Gallery AMU, Malostranské nám.12, Prague)

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  • Blue Box

    VHS/Crime-noir/detective series unveils the secrets of the Blue Box. In the eponymously titled pilot we get to meet the main characters and the setting. Trough the darkened atmospheric kingdom of New Yeshiva, the viewer is introduced to the mysterious plot and Rabi Kolko, ruler of the city in which four headless bodies of young boys were found. The detective finds a lead which brings him to the countryside – to the town of Holyland. Night riders as an amusement for children. Unexpected death of a famous singer named Dorothy.

    In the following six episodes of the series, the plot unveils the relations between the characters and the meaning behind the mystery of the blue box. The detective finds himself on the old continent in a dark town. Lamias live here. Each night they crawl out of their holes and suck blood out of their victims. The connection between the detective’s father and Kolko will be unveiled as well. We will also meet a local boys choir. Dorothy will sing her requiem. The prophecy of a witch living in the underground will follow the steps of the beast. Bob Salem will let us into his world and the blue box will unveil some of its secrets.

  • Blue Box (2014, VHS/krimi-noir pilot episode of upcoming series, 20:10 min)

  • Blue Box / Characters

  • BLUE BOX exibiton at GAMU Gallery in Prague!

    Atmospheric installation, accompanied by a screening of the pilot episode of the upcoming crime-noir series.

    The Night riders are wizards who eat little boys. 

    Every bridge leads to Orion.

    Where does the yellow dog bark?

    The color of blue suggests.

    The man in a coat is not a stranger. 

  • The box is unlocked.

  • The man catch the wolf and throw him into the fire..
  • "The Wolf eats man."
  • Vlci v hořáku/Les Brûleurs de Loups (2013, VHS trailer, 2:55 min)

  • Rising up from dust of NYC! Plunge into a nightmare where evil stems from the spicy blood.
  • "Salsa Banditos"
  • SALSA BANDITOS/Diabolique - trailer (2013, VHS video, 2:18 min)

  • Vajcaj

    A documentary slapstick about Ondrej Jajcaj, the grave thief. Jajcaj, portrayed as “ghost of the graveyard”, draws in a priest with money, bewitches him on his grave, carries out a cleansing and puts down his faith. Jajcaj, a professed philosopher and collector of dental prosthetics, seizes innocent souls into oranges to guide them through his mind.

  • I`m the Eggman!
  • "I will steal your teeth and soul!"
  • Vajcaj (2013, Super8mm video, 5:20)