• Blue Box (2014, VHS/krimi-noir pilot episode of upcoming series, 20:10 min)

  • BLUE BOX exibiton at GAMU Gallery in Prague!

    Atmospheric installation, accompanied by a screening of the pilot episode of the upcoming crime-noir series.

    The Night riders are wizards who eat little boys. 

    Every bridge leads to Orion.

    Where does the yellow dog bark?

    The color of blue suggests.

    The man in a coat is not a stranger. 

  • The box is unlocked.

  • "The Wolf eats man."
    The man catch the wolf and throw him into the fire..
  • Vlci v hořáku/Les Brûleurs de Loups (2013, VHS trailer, 2:55 min)

  • "Salsa Banditos"
    Rising up from dust of NYC! Plunge into a nightmare where evil stems from the spicy blood.
  • SALSA BANDITOS/Diabolique - trailer (2013, VHS video, 2:18 min)

  • Vajcaj

    A documentary slapstick about Ondrej Jajcaj, the grave thief. Jajcaj, portrayed as “ghost of the graveyard”, draws in a priest with money, bewitches him on his grave, carries out a cleansing and puts down his faith. Jajcaj, a professed philosopher and collector of dental prosthetics, seizes innocent souls into oranges to guide them through his mind.

  • "I will steal your teeth and soul!"
    I`m the Eggman!
  • Vajcaj (2013, Super8mm video, 5:20)

  • Blue Box (VHS film, poster)

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  • Blue Box - trailer (2013, VHS video, 2:28 min)

  • "Revealing the secret of Blue Box."
    What`s behind the Béla Bártók`s grave?
  • Ronald`s Supper

    A mysterious love story/absurd drama in the background of a cooking show. Secretive Ronald and his androgynous assistant Kimberly, are baking a pie full of decadence. One evening, which they will never forget.